Computer Department

We strive to provide a number of computer related services to support researchers and administration in their daily work. 

In numbers:

  • ~1.100 users supported in three buildings (one more to come)
    (employees and students of BIOTEC, CRTD, B CUBE, PoL and MF guest groups)
  • ~ 1.300 clients supported
    (personal and techplatform/shared computers)
  • Media equipment in auditorium, seminar rooms, mobile VC devices and projectors
  • 978 TB fileserver space used as per 03/2021
    (~0.2% thereof are allocated to individual user shares)
  • 100 mostly virtual servers for a variety of services
  • 3.000 network ports for clients, network infrastructure managed for CRTD and BIOTEC
  • 160 WLAN Access Points
  • 5.4 FTE IT Administrator Team, financed by the CMCB/institutes, plus 1 FTE financed by PoL, detailed, up-to-date staffing concept exists

How to reach us

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us, either through the email adresses or phone numbers listed above, through our trouble ticket system.
Or come visit us in our office:

CRTD building, room 2.129 (2nd floor, south wing), click here for a map

BIOTEC building, room 2.502 (2nd floor, south east, in the commercial part of the Bioz, together with the Bioinformatics groups), click here for a map


Please report computer related problems through the trouble ticket system web site:

or by email to: trouble(at)

All members of the computer department have access to the trouble ticket system and can react in a timely manner. If you report problems by email to a specific person, they might be seen only hours or even days later.

Last modified: 17/04/2021